Thursday, February 28, 2013

Top 5 Automotive WordPress Sites

There were some really good automotive WordPress sites that I came across as I made this list. Some websites had brilliant designs and utilized WordPress to its full potential. I decided to make a list of the top 5 automotive WordPress sites. Some of the criteria I used while judging were: design, content, user friendliness. I have found that some WordPress sites are just not too fun for the end-user. This list of the best auto related WordPress sites is not ranked. So that means these are my top five sites in no particular order. Recent trends have seen a lot more WordPress powered automotive sites. Companies are beginning to realize that its customer base wants to stay informed. There are plenty of great reasons why you want to run WordPress for your automotive sites. One of them being content management. You have a wealth of options available as far as managing content goes. Their are plugins of all sorts for WordPress from SEO, to sitemap generation and tweet this buttons. Below is my list of the top five automotive WordPress sites. Remember that all elements of a website were taken into account. I added links to the sites so that you can check out how awesome they are for yourself. is a really nice looking site that focuses automobiles as well as bikes. The design is simple and clean with a nice menu bar on the top left. The turned corners on the sidebar also add a nice touch. is another nice looking WordPress site with the use of a featured content gallery. The ad placement and design of them blend nicely within the site. The content on automotive addicts is very thorough and they have a ton of it. Posts are updated frequently and I highly recommend this blog for anything automotive.
Mike Maez is an automotive photographer who takes ridiculously good looking car pictures. His blog and it has some stunning pictures from his various photo shoots. I think these are some of the best pictures on any WordPress site out there. Word has it that I am bias to WordPress websites for automobiles. Guess what? I am! is another simple and really clean website. The minimal thing has been building steam recently within the WordPress community and its for a good thing. Having a clean design really makes it easy for someone to read your blog. Here is a good example. This site has a really nice header and a two column format. The content is always updated.
The final one of my top 5 auto themed WordPress sites is This site has a ton of content and all of it is fresh and relevant. I really like the header it is a great design. The WordPress automotive theme is really nice and it uses a two column format.

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